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There’s a great article published today by Ad Age about the rise of long form ads. These are short films, music videos and the like that feature brands within the context of a larger story. Rupal Parekh argues that it is the future of brand engagement and that 30 and 60 second spots are no longer where brand love is going to be created (were they ever, really?). And companies are certainly starting to see results to prove that point. Ms. Walnum of Oliver Peoples had this to say about their branded short film series:

“The traffic to our site has doubled each of the last three years and we attribute this in part to the demand for our short films. More importantly to us, the time a potential consumer is spending on the site continues to go up, which we believe leads to a better and deeper brand experience, and of course an increase to our e-commerce sales.”

As we shift to more and more longer form ads or perhaps more appropriately titled ‘branded entertainment,’ one thing will be clear: quality storytelling will become the in-demand method by which to engage customers with your brand.

Read Rupal’s AdAge article here:

See an example of one of the Oliver Peoples short films starring Zooey Deschanel here:

Ladies and gentlemen! Mesdames et messieurs! Signore e signori!

It is my honor to welcome you to a freshly minted brand storytelling insight forum destined to expand the way you view storytelling in company branding – both internally and externally.

Why storytelling?

Well, of the many insights I’ve gained in recent years working as a filmmaker and creative business communicator, one that continually comes to top of mind is this:

In the age of information overload people keep giving and getting more information when what we really want is insight and what we crave is meaning.

Now story, as I define it, is the most meaningful way to communicate information.

Story is how we connect the dots of the facts we are presenting. Without story, they remain merely dots. But once we connect these dots with the lines of emotional context – of protagonist, challenge and success – what we end up with is a  far more meaningful experience indeed.

And so the guiding principles of story and storytelling has guided much of my work as both a filmmaker and creative branding strategist and communicator over the years and I feel it’s high time to both articulate that and celebrate it!

As I prepare to leave my current position at a small creative agency and venture out into many new brand storytelling ventures, I hope to share some of the insights I’ve discovered and will continue to discover along the way.